"Dearest Daniela, Malcolm, Alice, Arwen, Cristina, Nina (the dog), chickens, ducks, geese and the whole Lazy Olive family! A long overdue THANK YOU for all your hard work during the lead up to and including our big day. Your patience with all the emails, your advice and recommendations, the way you listened to every detail and made it come to live beyond our expectations, making sure everything was seamless on the day, the vegan food you made with love, sharing a slice of heaven with us by allowing us and our family to call your home "our home" for a week + making us all feel so welcome…we truly cannot thank you enough for your time, effort and generosity. It was such a pleasure on a personal level to meet you as well. It is so rare to find such kind souls - you radiate love and it reflects in every thing you do. We dream of seeing you all again fun and making more precious memories in paradise. Until then, sending you Love + Gratitude."

Jon and Kelly