Almost all of our ingredients come from local Tuscan suppliers which reduces the environmental impact of your food and supports local people maintaining and continuing local traditions.

We do our best to have 0 km food and only a very small percentage of our shopping comes from supermarkets where we still only buy Tuscan organic products.

The olive trees around you provide the organic cold pressed extra-virgin olive oil that we use exclusively here.

Many vegetables come from our small organic garden. More produce comes from Sabrina at Podere Percenna, who has a larger organic vegetable garden in Buonconvento, a few kilometres away. You can find her every Saturday morning at the Asciano market.

Tuscany is famous for it’s pecorino cheese and you may have seen the Monni family sheep grazing the fields in front of us in the mornings.

All of our bread is homemade with flours from Podere Pereto, a local bio-dynamic grower that uses systems that improve the soil while giving us delicious flavours to work with, so try not to miss our focaccia!

Meats are all organic and from the area as we really care about promoting farms with grass fed happy animals. Beef in particular comes from Tenuta La Fratta, an organic beef farm close to Sinalunga: they farm Chianina cows, once used as a traction animal and now famous for T-bone steaks. The cows are mostly pasture fed and live a happy laid back life without ever having to pull a plough.