The Art of Slow Living

The Lazy Olive Glamping, located in idyllic Tuscan countryside, is thought and designed for nature lovers, those wishing to enjoy a full immersion in raw life and countryside, peace and silence. Still being close to many tourist destinations such as medieval villages, vineyards, thermal baths.

Our campsite has been featured by the Sunday Times twice: in May 2018 as among the top 20 in Europe, and again in January 2019 as n.2 holiday location in Italy. It has not the opulence of some traditional hotels, but is glamorous because offers you what in our opinion these days is the real luxury:

1. LOCATION: it is immersed in timeless dreamy Tuscan countryside, one of the most reknown in the world but at the same time it is only a few minutes drive from Pienza, Montalcino, Montepulciano, Siena.

2. BREATHTAKING VIEWS: through the organic olive grove and on to the surrounding vineyards and forest.

3. 8 PITCHES ONLY: (solo 8 Piazzole) you will share paradise only with a few other guests.

4. DESIGNED TENT: you will sleep in a Tuscan olive grove, the tent is installed for you, has the comfort of a real bed, private bathroom, air con to sleep a little longer in the morning.

5. SWIMMING POOL: to soak under the Tuscan sun

6. CASETTA: with kitchens (inside and outside) and bbq to enjoy some top  local produce

7. ORGANIC VEG GARDEN: to get some tomatoes, salads, hebs for your meals and snacks

Tents are set in an organic olive grove, have breathtaking views over vineyards and the medieval village of Pienza and Petroio. All of the ten tents dotted around under the trees are calm and simple spaces, carefully crafted to lull you into the gentle rhythm of country life. The simple and chic interiors are designed by the architect/owner.

Even the call of nature doesn’t mean having to go outside, as each tent has a discretely placed flushing loo or you can freshen up in the tent’s outside private shower, screened from your neighbours and with sun-warmed water. For more traditional bathers, there are showers up at the red-brick casetta, where you’ll also find shared kitchen spaces, a Weber grill, some tranquil seating spots, outdoor dining tables, big enough for the whole camp to share a meal at.

Although the area is very safe, you can lock your tent and in each one there is a chest with a padlock for your ipad, laptop or any item you want to keep safe. We still suggest not to leave very precious things unattended in the tent.

A maid comes regularly for the common parts, you can require daily cleaning of your tent at additional cost, and one of us will be there in the mornings and evenings to take care of all of your possible requests and needs.

Respect for nature and other people sharing the same place is required. Tents cannot be soundproof so other's peace must be preserved. Also the common kitchens and other areas, need to be left as found.

In the countryside around you, you can visit ancient towns, famous wine spots like Pienza, Montepulciano, Montalcino, Chianti and even historic Siena and Florence, or just wander down to the neighbouring farm and watch the goats. Or walk to the jewel tiny village of Petroio. Days of exploration on borrowed bikes or by car blend into cool afternoons on the slopes under the trees and evenings when the fairy lights come on and give the whole camp a glowing, festival feel. There are plenty of trattoria nearby where you can try some local flavour, but you’re more than welcome to cook for yourself after a quick raid of the organic veg garden, as long as the resident badger hasn’t finished it all off on his nightly visits.

The place is obviously not sterile being in the middle of the courtyside, so you will share it with bees, aints, lisards. You will meet your neighbours from the forest next to the olive grove and all around you. You can hear and see lots of crickets and cicadas, magpies, jays, lots of pheasants and kastrels, badgers, foxes, pole cats, wild boar, deer especially at sunset, porcupines.